Imbued with zeal to deliver an unparalleled beauty experience, the GlossNGlass Makeup Academy family presents to you The GlossNGlass Salon and Spa. Flawless style, extraordinary service, and a touch of magic are the key factors to celebrating The GlossN Glass Salon and Spa experience.The GlossNGlass Salon and Spa is a grooming wonderland, for both women and men, which offer a full spectrum of salon services, from brows to a pedicure and everything in between. Each service is customized to your specifications, and mindful of your natural beauty. Whether you are looking for a blow-dry or coming in to get your nails done, each service is tailor-made to provide what you are looking for excellence! We have a host of hair treatment services too which are unique to our salon, allowing you to treat your hair to some exclusive love and care

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