Sukuto was established in 2019. We realized that there was a huge gap between dealers (bikes and cars), tour operators, and you. Our main goal was hasslefree, seamless travel by bridging this gap thus resulting in a winwin situation for the dealers, tour operators, and you. Today, in 2020, we are operational in more than 10 cities across India and other parts of the world. We act as a market place and allow various vendors to list their bikes on our platform. Our platform allows you to get a bike on rent in Mumbai, bike on rent in Pune, bike on rent in Chandigarh, bike on rent in Kolkata Cars, on the other hand, help you go on short or long drives. Weekend getaways are always fun when you have your own vehicle. Rentals allow you to drive at your own pace, on your own time, take as many breaks as you likeā€”and this is where we come in. We have rentals of all types for you. Choose from our range of cars including.

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