Wicked Ride started with a fleet of 8 motorcycles. Our first motorcycle was a Continental GT from Royal Enfield then a HarleyDavidson Street 750.Vivek’s excitement woke him up early for his first visit to the HarleyDavidson dealership in Bangalore to ensure that we are one of the first ones to get the newly launched Street 750.The greatest experience of riding a HarleyDavidson for the first time in life, is what we were happy to offer to a lot of people, for many of whom it was a childhood fantasy.It was something which we had never even dared to dream ourselves, We used to tell them it’s not ours and that we have taken it for rent from Wicked Ride and started our first step in marketing.Every minute of our journey has been exciting and adventurous We now are shocked and happy to see the number of motorcycle and bike rental companies which have come up.

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