Amidst the hustle and bustle of the silicon valley of India, If you feel that nothing is going right, you should perhaps head to Radiant Resort Bangalore an oasis of absolute peace and tranquillity, tucked in lush greenery. The tall trees swaying in the gentle breeze, as if singing a welcome song for you, the chirping of the birds hiding in shrubs and behind the trees, will welcome you on your arrival at the resort. This enchanting beauty around coupled with the serene ambience of the resort makes this Bannerghatta resort a perfect getaway from Bangalore. Radiant Resort Bangalore is located on Bannerghatta Road and shares its boundary with the famous Bannerghatta National Park. Since it is an extension of the forest, its lush greenery and pleasant atmosphere is comparable to that of the forest itself. It is a place where you unwind yourself, away from the mundane affairs of the city.

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