Embodying the grandeur of Indo Asian architecture, Sterlings Mac Hotel & Suites impresses even the passing eye. Brilliantly conceptualized and meticulously designed, the remarkable property brings to life an ancient civilization and its aesthetic charm. Accredited with a 5Star certification by the Department of Tourism, Government of India, Sterlings Mac Hotel & Suites is more than just a business hotel. It offers the luxury of modern hospitality and great value for service. With 190 rooms and suites, guests can choose from five room categories made to suit various requirements. Sterlings Mac Hotel & Suites employs topgrade security measures and personnel to ensure the safety and security of its guests and employees alike. Secured with motion sensor cameras, electronic access key cards for rooms and elevators, and best in class fire safety measures, each member of the Sterlings Mac team is familiar with first aid, fire drills and emergency protocol.

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