Pure Water House was established in 1991 to safeguard the people of Bangalore from waterborne diseases and household water problems. We are Distributors for Kent, Blue Star, and Alfaa UV water purifiers. We have over 30,000 installations of Kent, Alfaa, Blue Star and Aquasoft all across the city and its distant satellite towns. Over the years we have sourced the latest and best technologies to meet the changing needs of Bangalores residents, many of whom no longer have access to treated municipal water.Borewell water differs from municipal water because it generally has very high salt or mineral content, Calcium and Magnesium salts normally account for a third of these minerals. But they cause Hardness, which damages Solar heaters, geysers, steam irons ,etc. Hardness is not treated by water purifiers The phone is normally answered before the 4th ring and a trained Service Technician, located in your area, will be at your door.

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