It all began, when I started a journey from Bangalore and visited Shirdi for Sai Babas blessings with enlighten from his blessing and messages from Sri Sai to make his devotees, devotional and Sai babas assurance. He who comes to my Samadhi, his sorrow and sufferings shall cease. No harm shall befall him who steps on the soil of Shirdi. We started this venture, over the year we expanded our foot print to cover few more historical circuits in India. Sri Sai Tours package is offering international packages since 2008, we have strong knowledge on the customer requirement hence we have designed every package very effectively which provides world class travel experience and Supirior comfort. Our success story started with first Shirdi package. Today we have achived many more milestones in our Domestic and international packages. Till today we have taken over one lakh people in our package.

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